STEM Guidance and Preparation

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Yale faculty and peer advisers will assess the quantitative reasoning skills of students and assist them with first-year year course selection. Depending on the needs of the individual student, First-year scholars will either participate in ONEXYS, a program designed specifically to prepare students for Yale's quantitative reasoning curriculum, or develop an individualized schedule of consultations with faculty and advisers. FSY students will also be introduced to a range of available paths in STEM, career options, research opportunities, and co-curricular pursuits such as symposia, journal clubs, and summer undergraduate research programs. Students will have the early opportunity to receive guidance and advice on STEM disciplines and how best to be appropriately placed in one of these courses during their first year on campus. Finally, FSY will familiarize students with the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) and several research laboratories across the vast STEM academic disciplines available at Yale.