About the First-Year Scholars at Yale Program

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FSY is a program for approximately 72 students. The program is run by the Yale College Dean’s Office and Yale Summer Session in conjunction with Yale staff, faculty, and students. Yale student counselors will reside with FSY participants in a residential college.

First-Year Scholars will have the opportunity to develop close relationships throughout the program. The tight-knit community that emerges from the FSY program will help support First-Year Scholars as they enter their first year at Yale. The FSY experience, including the support systems and mentors in the program, will help position students to take advantage of the many choices and opportunities that await them as students at Yale and in the city of New Haven.


Regardless of their intended major, all incoming Yale students will need fundamental writing and quantitative reasoning skills to be successful at Yale. In preparation for this transition, all First-Year Scholars will enroll in a popular Yale College writing seminar, English 114,  for which they will receive one Yale credit. Students will also be placed in a half-credit Math or Statistics course that is focused on enhancing their critical thinking and quantitative skills.

In addition, FSY will host a variety co-curricular workshops, seminars, and activities to acquaint students with campus resources such as academic advisers, career counselors, personal librarians, museum resources, and much more. Social and cultural events will provide ample opportunities for students to interact and learn from one another.


First-Year Scholars will experience on-campus living within Yale’s residential college system.  They will reside in Ezra Stiles College, will be provided all of their meals in the college dining hall, and have access to other campus facilities.


Students are expected to arrive for FSY Registration on Tuesday, June 25 and must depart by Noon on Wednesday, August 7.


Please see the FSY Calendar here. 2019 program information will be available for program particpants upon arrival.

Quote: I can now say that I'm feeling confident about returning in the fall. I'm actually counting down the days until I return to my new home!"