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How many students will particpate in FSY?

Approximately 96 students will particpate in FSY in 2022.

How and why was I invited to FSY?

FSY is designed prepare students for the transition to Yale by providing early access to Yale’s resources and opportunities. Students may receive an invitation to join FSY for a variety of reasons. For example, some students may not have had access to mentors, family, or friends who have attended college. Mentorship, preparation, and good advice can be critical to success in college, and FSY is designed to help provide those resources to allow all students the foundation for a successful transition.

Much like the Yale admissions process, students are selected for FSY based on a holistic review that assesses whether a student is a strong match for the program and will contribute positively to the discourse and community throughout the program.

I wasn’t invited to FSY, but can I apply to attend the program?

FSY is an invitation-only program. Yale offers a range of resources to incoming first-year students in order to assure their smooth transition to college, including a residential college dean, first-year student counselors, academic adviser, and pre-orientation and orientation programming. Non-FSY students are welcome to apply to Yale Summer Session as individual applicants.

How much does it cost?

FSY is free!  All costs – including tuition are covered by the scholarship. In addition, First-Year Scholars will receive a $250 stipend, and Yale will waive the summer share portion of their financial aid package.

How can I attend FSY and earn the student share portion of my financial aid award?

Yale will waive the first year summer student share for all First-Year Scholars. This means an additional $1,600 in Yale Scholarship will be added to your financial aid award for your first year.

I don't have regular access to a computer or reliable wifi?

Yale will provide a rental laptop computer and wi-fi hotspot at no charge for the summer to those who need them.

Is there time for fun during FSY?

While this will be a rigorous academic experience, the FSY staff also realize that students need ample time to unwind and recharge during summer months. With that in mind, the FSY Counselors will schedule free time into the daily and weekly calendars, including a ton of fun community events for First-Year Scholars to relax and hang out.

Do I get to choose the classes I will take? 

Each First-Year Scholar will enroll in a section of English S114, which is a popular Yale writing seminar that covers a variety of topics. Scholars will be given the chance to rank their topic preferences, however we will assign each student to a specific section of English S114 to keep the class size of each section at 12 students. Students will also be assinged a Quantitaive Reasoning course. Placement will be based on student’s quantitative reasoning assessment as well as their particular interests in the STEM disciplines. 

Will I be able to participate in Cultural Connections, FOCUS, FOOT, or Harvest if I attend FSY?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to participate in these programs.

Pre-orientation programs (Cultural Connections, FOCUS, FOOT, Harvest) will begin a week after FSY.

FSY will end two weeks before the First-Year Orientation for all first year students begins.

Quote: I can't think of a better way to be introduced to Yale than FSY!"