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For questions about the First-Year Scholars at Yale program:

Who is involved with FSY? 

The First-Year Scholars at Yale (FSY) Program is led by an Advisory Committee comprised of faculty and staff from across Yale University, reflecting Yale's broader mission to support its FGLI students.

2023 Committee members include: 

Sara Spear - Director of Academic Affairs for FSY and Yale Summer Session  **primary contact for FSY inquiries (

Albert Laguna – FSY Faculty Director, Associate Professor of Ethnicity, Race & Migration and American Studies

Alexander Rosas – Dean for International and Summer Programs, Head of Summer Colleges

Sandy Chang – Associate Dean for Science & Quantitative Reasoning Education; Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Director of STARS

John Hall – Math instructor, Head of QR courses

Heather Klemann – Yale English 114 Director

Melanie Boyd – Yale College Dean of Student Affairs

Burgwell Howard – Associate Vice President of Student Life 

Earle Lobo – Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Program Manager for Student Affairs

Jorge Anaya – Assistant Director, Student Engagement and Coordinator of The Community Initiative, Woodbridge Fellow for CTL

Karin Gosselink – Director of the undergraduate Academic Strategies Program (CTL)

Lynda Paul – Assistant Director of Undergraduate Writing and Tutoring and the Academic Strategies (CTL)

Jeremiah Quinlan – Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid

Dara Norwood – Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Juliette Wallace – Assistant Director of Admissions

In addition to the committee members above who are involved with FSY year-round, the FSY program annually hires around 20 Yale student leaders who serve as residential directors and counselors during the six-week program. 

Quote: FSY is amazing! The transition from high school to college will be really smooth for me now, and I've learned a lot in just five weeks."