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For questions about the First-Year Scholars at Yale program:

FSY Administrator

Michael Fitzpatrick

Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Yale Summer Session

Office: 55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 420, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: (203) 432-2431

Michael Fitzpatrick works in Yale Summer Session, directing summer course proposals and faculty hiring for all Yale College’s summer offerings. He also reviews summer applications and advises students on course selection and course changes. Michael will be handling many of the logistics of FSY & will be managing the pre-arrival communications with the First-Year Scholars. As a first-generation/low-income graduate of Cornell, he is looking forward to welcoming the FSY students to campus and helping them transition to their new homes at Yale.

2020 FSY Residential Life Team

Residential Directors

Karli Cecil
Pauli Murray College, ‘20

Karli is a recent Yale graduate from northern Wisconsin. She majored in Psychology and was in Pauli Murray College where she served as a First-Year Counselor this past year. Aside from froco-ing, she has served as co-captain of the Yale Figure Skating Team for three years, played percussion in the Yale Precision Marching Band, has completed student research, and has been active in both the FGLI and disability communities on campus. In the fall Karli will be beginning a Master's program for Speech-Language Pathology at Boston University. She is excited to be one of the FSY Residential Directors this summer after having served as a Counselor two years ago and participating in FSY four years ago!

Christian Fernandez
Benjamin Franklin College, ‘20

Christian Fernandez (BF' 20) graduated from Yale this past year with a degree in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, focusing in Latinx Ethnomusicology. During his time at Yale, he was most involved with music and his residential college. He played saxophone and clarinet for the Yale Precision Marching Band, the Yale Concert Band, and the Yale Jazz Ensemble, while leading Tertulia, Yale's first and only Salsa band. In Benjamin Franklin, he was a college aide, buttery worker, and First-Year Counselor, or FroCo. Christian is super excited to welcome the new generation of FSY students, drawing from his own experience doing the program and serving as a counselor two years ago. Feel free to hit him up with any questions you may have about Yale or if you wanna talk about his hometown of New Orleans, basketball, or music!


Wasil Ahmed
Benjamin Frankiln College, ‘21

Wasil is part of the Franklin class of 2021, from New York (some time in Long Island, more time in the Hudson Valley a bit more upstate). Studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, his plan is to go to medical school after a potential gap year or two. Outside of class he does research on inhibitory interneurons, and their role on cortical development, along with EMT work with Yale EMS. He also does intense patient care volunteering at Yale New Haven Hospital, and serves on Yale Medical Profession's Outreach Board. Some of his favorite work has been as a camp counselor for Camp Rising Sun, a summer camp dedicated to children with/who've had cancer. In his free time, he likes to clear his mind and relieve stress in the gym. He loves rap/trap music.

Darnell Battle
Jonathan Edwards College, ‘21

Darnell is a rising Senior in Jonathan Edwards College, majoring in political science. He's from Torrington, Connecticut, a relatively small city about an hour northwest of New Haven. At Yale, he is involved in mentoring incoming first year students as an advisor for Matriculate. He also chairs Model UN and Model Congress conferences throughout the year, and is a member of both the Yale College Executive Committee and the University-sure Committee on Sexual Misconduct. Most evenings during the semester, you can find him working at the circulation desk at Bass Library. In his free time, you can catch him aggressively avoiding homework, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, playing Avalon (an amazing game), watching sports (Go Pats!), or binge watching yet another show. He is so excited to meet everyone!

Gabriella Blatt
Ezra Stiles College, ‘21

Gabriella is a rising senior in Ezra Stiles College, majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. She is from the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana and a member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe. On campus she is involved with the Association of Native Americans at Yale and conducts research through the Mellon Mays fellowship. When in quarantine you can find her baking bread and watching tiktoks.

Hana Galijasevic
Benjamin Franklin College, ‘22

Hana is a rising junior in Franklin College. She's an international student from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a Computer Science and Linguistics double major. Outside of classes and endless p-sets, she's involved with the CLAY lab (Computational Linguistics at Yale), as well as with the organizing teams of Grace Hopper Coalition and of YHack - Yale's biggest student-run hackathon. The rest of her free time goes into on-campus employment (as the Head HOC Aide to Franklin, primarily; and others) and making a point of prioritizing 'chill time' with friends in her suite. But, in her /really/ free time, she is to be found watching the latest episodes of the show of the month, playing terrible Balkan music she claims to hate but secretly attributes to homesickness and nostalgia, or reading something about languages and/or going on endless tirades on said content.

Solomon Gonzalez
Pauli Murray College, ‘22

Solomon is a rising junior from hick and humble Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He serves as a college aide to Pauli Murray college and is pursuing a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering. When given the luxury of a crevice of free time, or even without it, Solomon enjoys messing around with and/or annoying his friends at the cultural centers, playing video games, and dancing in Yale Danceworks. He can often be seen in the CEID or cruising down Science Hill on his nickel board with his headphones on listening to R&B music.

Heeral McGhee
Trumbull College, ‘20

Heeral was born and raised in Americus, a rural town in Southwest Georgia made famous by peaches, peanuts, and Jimmy Carter. Because of his experiences there, Heeral majored in EP&E with a focus in socioeconomic disparities in rural communities especially along racial lines. During any given day, Heeral demonstrates his Georgia pride by repping Georgia t-shirts, Atlanta sports (UGA Football most importantly) and listening to Atlanta Hip Hop and R&B (trap rap usually but not exclusively). Heeral has been involved with the Asian American Cultural Center, the AFAM House, and Trumbull college where he also worked as a FROCO (First-year counselor) during his senior year. Heeral loves to play sports (especially tennis), explore New Haven, and talk to people. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Christian Millian
Davenport College, ‘21

Christian is a rising senior in Davenport College, majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Education Studies. He's from Waterbury, Connecticut but was born and raised for some time in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. At Yale, he is involved in mentoring incoming first-year students as a STARS I Peer Mentor. He is the current president of Despierta Boricua (the Puerto Rican Students Association at Yale), vice president of La Unidad Latina, and a member of AIESEC at Yale. In his free time, Christian enjoys spending time with friends and listening to music (hit him up if you want some good tunes). Christian will serve as a first-year counselor (FroCo) in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Ava Niknahad
Morse College, ‘21

Ava is a rising senior from Los Angeles, CA. She is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and is an Education Studies scholar. On campus, she does research, volunteers at the YNHH, and is an active member of Splash at Yale. She is also a teaching assistant for the Persian department and is an Academic Strategies mentor at the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Laura Plata
Berkeley College, ‘19

Laura Plata is from Palatine, Illinois and a recent graduate of Yale University (class of 2019). As an undergraduate, she lived in Berkley College and majored in Ethics, Politics, and Economics as well as the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights. She devoted much of her undergraduate career to studying migration and worked closely through the Yale Refugee Project to advocate for the rights of immigrants and forced migrants. Laura also served as Co-President of A Leg Even, an undergraduate organization created to provide, academic, community, and pre-professional career support to FGLI students. In her free time, she enjoys reading, creative writing, and baking. She is eager to work with this year's cohort of FSY scholars and looks forward to creating a warm and empowering digital community.

Emily Richards
Pauli Murray College, ‘21

Emily is a rising senior and FroCo in Pauli Murray College from Berlin, Vermont and this is her second summer as a counselor for FSY! She is a Cognitive Science major and does research with the Canine Cognition Center here on campus. She works a few student jobs, is one of the VPs of her sorority, and has been a Head Advising Fellow for an organization called Matriculate for the past two years, which serves to empower low-income, high-achieving high school students in navigating the college application process. In her spare time, she loves taking naps, listening to music, drinking coffee, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite ~quarantine~ activities have been baking bread, going for walks with her dog, and making breakfast every morning!

Carli Roush
Timothy Dwight College, ‘22

Carli is a rising Junior in Timothy Dwight college from Berea, Kentucky. She is majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and currently conducts research in the Turner Lab focusing on bacteriophage therapy for multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Outside of classes, she enjoys working in the Timothy Dwight Buttery and mentoring high school students throughout the college application process through New Haven REACH. Her favorite study spot on campus is in the School of Forestry, and she enjoys knitting in her spare time.

Sheyenne Tichnell
Branford College, ‘22

Sheyenne is a rising Junior in Branford College majoring in the History of Art. She grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of western Maryland where her family owns a farm. When not in class or at Club Archery practice, she is working at Artspace, a local non-profit that creates community around emerging and contemporary artists. In her free time, she loves reading all things epic fantasy and is always looking for book recommendations.

Adam Wassilchak
Davenport College, ‘22

Adam is a Rising Junior in Davenport College from Hutto, Texas. He's double majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and Statistics & Data Science. He's currently serving as the Production Officer of the Yale Dramatic Association, and before that he stage managed multiple shows on campus. He works in the Davenport Head of College Office, and hangs out there a lot for the free food and good vibes. Adam absolutely loves garbage reality TV and has exquisite taste in memes, and he hopes to share those passions with his FSYers!

Wen Long Yang
Branford College, ‘22

Wen Long is a rising junior in Branford College, currently majoring in Psychology. He was born in New York City and lived there, in Chinatown, for the first 15 years of his life. Due to his parents' decision of starting a new family-run restaurant business, he moved to and currently lives in a quaint, little town 1 hour away from the city called Warwick (known for its apple production)! At Yale, Wen Long serves as the President of Mixed Company of Yale A Cappella Group, Vice President of STAY (Students and Alumni of Yale), and the Buttery Manager of Branford College. He also works as the Yale School of Management Behavioral Lab's Research Assistant, Branford College's Head of College Aide, and Center for Language Studies' Mandarin Tutor. In his free time, you can find Wen Long binging YouTube videos (mukbangs, fail compilations, baking tutorials, animations— you name it), singing along to his favorite songs (his current favorite is Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish), and falling asleep in less than a minute (which he considers a talent).

Quote: FSY is amazing! The transition from high school to college will be really smooth for me now, and I've learned a lot in just five weeks."